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      Villa door
      Glass doors
      Picture Gate
      Galvanized steel engineering
      Single door
      The company is located in the hardware capital - Yongkang, the company's existing factory area of 6,000 square meters, is specialized in research, development, production and high-grade single-layer steel plate doors, manufacturing and sales and service in a modern professional company.
      Since its inception has been adhering to the "quality, innovation, perfect" business management concept. Technology as the guide, put emphasis on technical personnel. The company sets introducing advanced production technology and equipment, have established a product research institute, technology development department, quality testing center and sales center, after-sales service department and so on. All products have been CAD designed, modern single-layer steel door assembly line operation, advanced production and testing equipment testing.>Throughout the country has established the company as the center point of the provincial agents and special sales.
      With its strong scientific and technological strength, combined with the actual situation at home and abroad to develop a domestic leading level product line. The product with good quality, new advanced technology and a tamper elegant appearance of the door body shape and so on.
      Join us enormous amounts of money to expand the production scale, and further develop domestic and foreign markets, continue to develop high-block-based single-layer steel doors to meet the needs of society. Welcome to patronize the company's guidance.
      We spirit of "customer first" service principle, professional, considerate, high quality service to your satisfaction and look forward to your glory!

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