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      Villa door
      Glass doors
      Picture Gate
      Galvanized steel engineering
      Single door
      Join the industry to support the new Yasukado
      Unified Trademark: unified use "Xin" logo, each dealer is free to use the company VI design specification correct "Xin" corporate logo, enjoying the "Xin" created a good public image.
      Unified store design: the franchise VI design requirements according to the headquarters by the company's unified design, production shop signs or self-decoration sites, the formation of the "new Yasukado industry" the momentum of rapid expansion across the country to continuously improve, "Xin" brand image.
      >Unified advertising: The company will be in the network platform, well-known magazines, publications continue to advertise so that the "Xin" brand continued spread in various places.
      Opening a unified model: In the opening day of the franchise to provide opening leaflets, "Xin" word of mouth publicity, the latter part of free books and other promotional materials.
      A unified market moves: The company will be based on market changes, social development and many other factors that affect development, timely and accurate adjustment of development strategy, flexibility, opportunities for different periods branding strategy, marketing policy.
      Unified operation and management: Headquarters has a comprehensive standardized management system, business skills and the unique charm of the operation and management model, the headquarters will be based on the actual situation in specific operations to join.
      Unified New Promotion: The company will have new products to market each quarter will be strong to help dealers promote new products. Make new products, more profits.
      Follow-up training support: The company has a strong support system of technical training each year based on actual demand for the franchise to provide various forms of the thematic variety of professional training services to ensure that the franchise has always been superb to maintain a relatively stable level of technology.
      Operational management support: In the franchise business process, to provide operational supervision and operation of the guidance, and where necessary, for the franchise to provide support in terms of specific operational advice and services.
      Marketing Planning support: for the franchise operations at different times and different stages of development of practical information for the franchise marketing program.
      A tour of supervisory support: the company regularly or irregularly to send people to franchisees on product knowledge, systems standardization of the degree of implementation, and management effectiveness in areas such as on-site testing, evaluation, supervision and mentoring services. Regional Manager is responsible for the implementation of the system by the responsible person within the jurisdiction of the franchise to conduct regular telephone communication and on-site visits, coordinate the resolution of various problems of a franchise.
      Transport and logistics support: the company will be looking for the right price, quality of service good freight carrier. Meet to resolve the damage caused during transportation. Join Conditions
      Franchisees should be engaged in building materials-related products operators have a fixed busiJoin Process
      First, the intention of co-operation with the Ministry in charge of investment negotiations
      Second, fill out application form to join
      Third, investors to conduct market surveys in which the region
      Fourth, by the company headquarters to the market research data, project feasibility analysis
      5 to review the investor qualification
      6, signed a contract to join
      7, the company sent-site guidance
      8, opening promotions and planning
      Since entering the 21st century a new Yasukado industry is in a solid pace, to product diversification, management, standardization, business model business forward.

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