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      Villa door
      Glass doors
      Picture Gate
      Galvanized steel engineering
      Single door

      Adhering to the origin of Chinese civilization, cherish lofty ideals, the new Yasukado industry people come together. In a new century, facing opportunities and challenges, only new ideas, new concepts, in order to enable enterprises stand by the sea Tao head. Thanks to you their attention, the new Yasukado industry has been rapid development.Drinking water and thinking about numerous Thanks for the Memories!
      Kai Now I have with all employees abide by the "prestige first, service first" the purpose, adhere to the "practical, flexible, stronger, bigger, long time," development strategy, promote the "pursuit of quality, safety, and credibility , creating the brand "business philosophy," Xinan "will never cease to pursue!
      In a highly competitive era, the company "people-oriented" human resources strategy to attract professionals from all sectors have joined the cause of Xinan for new Yasukado industry continues to operate in initiatives to standardize management effectiveness, and employee enthusiasm, creativity play, and laid a solid foundation. New Yasukado industry, capitalizing on its abundant capital, technology, personnel strength to provide our clients with quality products and excellent service.
      Since entering the 21st century a new Yasukado industry is in a solid pace, to product diversification, management, standardization, business and professional company into the modern management model.
      Please believe that the new person is bound to harbor Yasukado industry thanksgiving, practice integrity, the pursuit of excellence to meet customer, will give customers new and old friends, things they value, and heart with the wish;

      New Yasukado company is willing to work hand in hand with the world friends to create brilliant tomorrow.

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